@MikePrevette ~ Hello.

I love things. Learning things, making things, dreaming up new things, taking apart things, using lazors to cut things, pretty much anything to do with things. But I hate stuff, we all have way to much stuff. The world doesn't need much more stuff.

I've spent my whole life taking things apart, and putting them back together. But a something funny happens when you take things apart, you figure out how they work in the granular way. Eventually you realize how simple even the most complicated thing can be. This is how I take things on.

In my past I've worked as a commercial filmmaker, before that a still photographer, and before that a Director of New Media (ahh web 1.0) and before that a student of industrial design.

I'm currently rolling all that stuff together, adding a dash of electronics, and a pinch of talent from some partners to create awesome stuff as a Product creator.

Cyber stuff: Instagram, (tech), Twitter, Medium, Flickr